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Angel Pet Expo 31


Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the Angel Pets ONLINE Expo 2020!

This is an exciting and pioneering event!

Pet related vendors can still participate in the online event!

Vendor Testimonials:

“Participating in the 2019 Angel Pets Expo was the best decision I made this year.  From a roomful of remarkable people, all dedicated to providing care and services for animals and their human companions, I made some unprecedented business associations and some highly valued new friends.  I wouldn’t miss participating again for anything.  In fact, I’m a sponsor this year!” -Jamie Belognia, Copper Witch


Vendors should have products or services which benefits or honors pets and/or pet parents. A small percentage of non-pet related, general public goods or services maybe allowed at committee discretion.

All Vendors are subject to review and approval.

Thank you for all of the vendors who have opted to continue with the Online Angel Pets Expo activities.

Angel Pets Online Expo Vendors can have

  1. Business info listed on website and Facebook pages
  2. Blog articles posted on Website and Facebook pages
  3. Ability to be a Presenter at upcoming Virtual Angel Pets networking events
  4. Ability to Present on Angel Pets Online Expo Day on May 2nd, 2020
  5. Continued participation and involvement in Angel Pets activities (hope to schedule mini-expo events as we are allowed)

(*For those who have opted out of continued Angel Pets Vendor participation, you can still attend online events as public participant, but will not be able to present or have info on website/facebook. But, we welcome your attendance at online events as public participant.)

For new vendors who want to join this wild Online ride, there is a sign up form. All vendors are subject to committee approval. Vendors no longer in good standing will be removed from participation.

Angel Pets Online Expo Vendor Sign up Form


You still can opt out completely and receive a full refund of your vendor fees or partial fees if you want to continue to participate in the Angel Pets Expo Online format and activities. Please submit form by April 15th, 2020.

The new Online format will continue to host blog articles but will also include more video, classes, presentations and promotions. Vendors can submit promo video of 1-3 mins each to be included. I have a Zoom account and can help vendors record something (webcam would be needed on your end or can be done through a powerpoint presentation).

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