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Here is a brief summary and pictures for use:

Angel Pets Expo is bringing people together with resources, services and products which support and honor our pets, and ourselves as pet parents.

Angel Pets also proudly is inclusive of ALL stages of pet life including: young life, adult life, senior pet care, end-of-life care and pet loss grief support.

The Angel Pets Expo is comprehensive of ‘All things Pets!”.

Variety of vendors will include Veterinary care, pet artists, animal acupuncture, pet artists, pet insurance specialist, pet food/treats, canine rehabilitation, animal trainers, pet products, energy work, animal communicators, pet portraits, non-profit groups, pet memorial items, pet sitters, groomers and more!

An additional goal of the Angel Pets Expo is to increase the pet loving community, connect with each other, increase the quality of life of our pets and ourselves, as pet parents.

Vendors. Presentations. Food. Music. Pet Love.

Have another idea? Call me, we’ll talk…like coffee-talk!

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