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Private Pet Honoring Memorial Service by Pet Honoring

A consultation is done prior to get to know you and your pet and the love shared. During the memorial, a dedication is created to signify the specialness of your pet and your relationship. Time is given for both inner and outer reflection and prayer. A special intro and closing are also created.

The memorial ceremony is orchestrated with a deep connection to Spirit. Sacred items and ceremonial display complement and enhance the event.

Memorials can be indoors or outdoors, at a home, a park or just about any location desired. They can be for one or many -family, children and friends can be included. They can be for a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, horse or any family pet.

Honoring Memorial ceremonies are an expression of love and gives the gift of Honor and Appreciation back to our Pets. Honoring Ceremonies are designed to ease transition, elevate love and understanding and celebrate life.

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Whisker Designs – Volana Kote

Keep the pets that inspire you close with one of Volana Kote’s bespoke whisker jewelry pieces.

JenkeychainWe create wearable tributes honoring our four footed friends! Naturally fallen whiskers are carefully custom set and sealed into a myriad of jewelry settings for everyday wear. Each piece is created under the watchful eye of our twin feline rescues and a portion of our proceeds always goes to fur friends in need.

This stainless steel keychain has been created with both black and white whiskers and measures 25mm in diameter.


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(valued at $90)

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