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AngelPetsExpo2020 Now Online 10-5pm

I am extremely proud of this event. My commitment was to hold this event and I have stuck to that, as hard as it was emotionally and logistically to redo the entire thing in a new format. I feel a great amount of personal satisfaction and achievement in doing so. I did not give up…Covid Schmovid!

I am extremely proud of (and very grateful to) all of the vendors who also stepped up to re-invent themselves in this new format. Please know, that for many, this is not as comfortable as ‘in-person’ events. Everyone has worked so hard. Please join us on Saturday to support them in their efforts at being courageous and venturing into new grounds to stay connected to pet loving people during this crazy time. Let’s join together to support each other!

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Hello Wonderful Angel Pets People!

It was decided recently that the best interest of the public would not be to not hold the live Angel Pets Expo event at the AG Center on May 2, 2020 as previously planned. 

We are now going to move this to an ongoing ONLINE event.

We will be moving the format of an ongoing, dynamic, networking and resource center for supporting pets and pet parents.

As many times as I have been knocked down in life, I have, somehow, always found a way to get up. I hope you will join and support this effort. This event is a celebration of life and life with pets!


Pets are Angels. Pets are family. The goal of this event is to support pets and ourselves as pet parents.

We are working on an exciting virtual event schedule for Saturday, May 2nd 2020. We will keep open to scheduling something live in person, on a smaller scale if we are allowed to by then.

The new format will continue to host blog articles but will also include more video, classes, presentations and promotions.

There will also be remote Angel Pets Expo networking and promotion events on Meet up. This would be open to the public to attend remotely and can be accessed through meetup or the Angel Pets Expo website. The presenters would be part of the Angel Pets Expo vendor network.

These will be through the Meetup Site Bright Star Studio. Anyone can attend. Only Angel Pets Vendor networking members can present.

Sample format: Angel Pets Expo Virtual Networking Social – 1hr

First half hour (30min) – Opening, greetings

5 vendors highlights 1-2 minute business overview (product services highlight and showcase) allows for Q&A for each. Vendors encouraged to use pictures, slides, etc.

1 Spotlight Vendor Educational presentation – 15mins with 5 min of Q&A

slide presentation on topic of choice pertaining to your business or organization.

Please support us, our mission to increase quality of life for our pets and our pet parents.

in kindred spirit,

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L Leigh Love



CDC info on virus safety


If you have any specific questions, concerns or want to share ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at

Bright Star Contact info

Sending light, love and good health to you all!




Thoughts on pitching in:

I, like many, had a business trip get postponed due to the coronavirus scare. I canceled my hotel and car reservations and then my pet sitter. In chatting with her, I realized that everyone is doing the same thing and how this is affecting her business. I knew I would need the pet sitting services at some point, just wasn’t sure when. In efforts at wanting to help smooth the transition of dramatically decreased business (and income) for her, I went ahead and pre-paid for some pet sitting visits. I will also do the same with gift certificates to restaurants and concert venues that I know I will frequent again once things calm down. Maybe some will offer a discount for pre-purchasing. I think every little bit helps and wanted to share these ideas. Let’s all think of ways we can help smooth the transition for those in industries greatly affected by travel and community events. Any other ideas? Would love to hear them.

Please visit, post/comment on, share and like Angel Pets Expo 2020 Facebook event page!

Great minds think alike…

If you are looking for a way to support local businesses during these times, please check out Asheville Strong, a local group that has created a website with links to Asheville businesses that sell gift cards. Purchasing a gift card now can really help our local economy, and you don’t have to leave the house to do it.

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