Chiropractic Therapy Explained

Chiropractic is the science, philosophy, and art of correcting subluxations within the body.

Subluxations can be described as minor joint dysfunctions that can directly or indirectly put pressure on the nervous system. This means that subluxations involve a musculoskeletal component and a nervous system component. Correcting subluxations allows muscles and bones to re-balance for proper function and reduces pressure on the nervous system, allowing for optimum flow of nerve signals.subluxation

Subluxations can be caused by several different stressors. The most obvious stressor is trauma, which can be in the form of slips, falls, blows, poor posture, even the birthing process. Another stressor can be toxins such as poor nutrition or other environmental factors that dampen the body’s ability to clear out waste products and produce healthy cells. Stressful thoughts can also be a stimulus for subluxations. Anxiety can trigger the brain to produce a physical response such as muscle tension.

Subluxations can exhibit signs and symptoms of

    • Local pain in joints, muscles, and discs,
    • Decrease or create inequalities in range of motion,
    • Impair gait and posture,
    • Cause nerve irritation, or
    • Even behavioral changes.

Working with your veterinarian and certified animal chiropractor together can ensure a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment for your individual case.

If chiropractic is deemed appropriate then your certified animal chiropractor will also ask about

    • Case history, analyses posture and gait,
    • Evaluate range of motion,
    • Perform orthopedic and neurologic tests,
    • Analyze each spinal segment individually, and adjust where necessary. A segmental adjustment utilizes a high velocity, low amplitude thrust, meaning a short and quick movement.

Wellness patients can be easily maintained with several visits a year. More serious cases may require more frequent chiropractic checks and working with your veterinarian to stabilize all aspects of your animal’s needs.

Chiropractic care is a wonderful addition to your pet’s wellness routine to keep them comfortable and moving to their fullest potential.

Article submitted by Dr. Holly Baughcome, Mobile animal and family chiropractic in the foothills of NC and SC. Horse/equine dog cat chiropractor

Dr. Baughcome holds a Bachelors of Science in Equine Studies, Doctorate of Chiropractic, and is a Certified Animal Chiropractor.

Dr. Holly Baughcome offers mobile visits if you and your veterinarian are interested in trying chiropractic for your pet.

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Foothills Animal Chiropractic

foothills animal chiro logo

Locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxation in pets.

“Dr. Holly is both gentle and effective! My highly sensitive dressage horse gets nervous about being worked on and Holly is so patient and kind with him. He always feels immediately better and he happily goes back to work. I have also had adjustments from Holly myself and can attest to how gentle she is while making adjustments.”

foothills animal chiro

“Without a doubt, one of the best animal chiropractors out there! She has adjusted one of our rescue horses on multiple occasions, as well as 2 of our immobile foster cats, and all have had amazing recoveries and improvements! We always look forward to visits from Dr. Holly, and highly recommend her!”



Pets as Partners…Lessons for life

Mattie flopped her head on me the other day. She actually does this quite a lot. It is one of my favorite things, mostly because there is such an expression of affection and tenderness. My408 heart melts every time.

This time though, she looked up and held her gaze a little longer. I felt the energy of the words sweetly as “I love being your doggie-daughter.” It made my heart smile and got I choked up.

I think she knew I had been feeling sad about some choices I made which caused us some very unhappy times. And though, that is past us and it has been a while, I had deep regret about the whole thing and still felt we were regaining ourselves.

During an animal communication session, I apologized to her for it all. I feel I failed her…and myself and I had been struggling with that.. Her response was so incredibly gracious. She said she knows that I love her, said it was ok and that life is about being partners and sharing life…all of it, mistakes included. She reminded me that it was for a short period and wanted me to be gentle with myself.

At that moment I felt the deepest level of connection and support from her.

Mattie embodies what true partnership is. It is love. It is commitment. And it is support. It is being there through thick and thin and sharing life. It has made me more committed than ever to returning the favor and doing my best to give her a happy, healthy and loving life.

Interestingly enough, it has also expanded into other aspects of my life. It has made me look closer at what partnership means and how I can improve this in my role with others, as well as with myself.

People can say what they want about pets. They can say ‘it is just a dog.’ They can choose not to be open to the miraculous love, relationship and gifts our animal companions offer, but not me. To quote ‘Pack of Two’ author Caroline Knapp: “I unapologetically love my dog.”

In fact, all of my pets have been amazing partners and teachers. I truly get the value our pets can have in our life and it is why I do the work I do.

People close to their pets know they have a sense of humor. Pack-of-two, Mattie and I, were walking around the neighborhood one night and I was smiling thinking about her saying she loved being my ‘doggie-daughter’ and how it touched me.

Then, strutting down the street, Mattie looked back, ran towards me with a gust of energy of saying “…and you my Human-mama”, (the same way someone would say ‘baby-mama’). I think I laughed out loud.

If Mattie had a page in Ted Andrew’s book, Animal Speak, which covers spirit totems of animals, one of her themes would be ‘Partnership.’ Her soul, and mission in life, is to help bring out divine partnership, with yourself and others. Then there would be a statement something like ‘if Mattie shows up in your life, even if just briefly, here are some questions to ask. Are you being a good partner to yourself? Where can you better support yourself? How are you a partner to others? Do you give too much without taking care of yourself? Do you know how to protect yourself? Do you know how to nurture yourself?’

Wow, I love that dog. Every day, I get to say “I have my very own Mattie.”

She has made me a better person.

If we are open, our animal companions can be the most amazing teachers and partners in life. They can not only show us what we need and what can help us, but they also can help us feel how truly connected and loved we are.

How is your pet a partner? How have they helped you? What qualities to they promote? I’d love to hear!


L. Leigh Love

Mattie pre kiss

This was first posted in 2014 on the PetHonoring Website.

Check out to learn more about the free Monthly Pet Honoring & Memorial services, private pet memorial services and grief healing energy sessions. Let me help you honor your pet, heal and restore love.

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L. Leigh Love, is an Animal Intuitive, who works to help us enhance our relationships with our animal companions. She offers energy work sessions and is organizer of the Angel Pets Expo. She is also deeply compassionate and assists people with healing from pet loss. A Certified Intuitive Counselor and Certified Life Coach, her websites are and


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Animal Reiki in Review: A Reiki Master’s perspective


Animals benefit from Reiki just like people do. In cases of injury, anxiety or digestive upset, Reiki can be a great tool for helping our pets’ internal processes get back to their natural, balanced state. Even better, we don’t have to know what’s going on with them for healing to happen. So, in the case that an animal is behaving a little strangely, Reiki could give a gentle boost to self-correct.


I’ve had the joy and pleasure to work with many cats and dogs in their homes and elsewhere. I have treated dogs with neurological challenges and physical injuries. I’ve seen cats post-surgery and those with anxiety. Some animals I’ve worked with have been adjusting to the absence of their former guardian or of a pet that recently passed in the home. Some have been foster animals transitioning into a new living situation.

I’ve given Reiki to a cat while he was receiving fluids and having some teeth pulled right on the vet’s office floor! I’ve treated aging dogs and cats whose humans have sought Reiki to help them maintain quality of life in their older years. I once got to work with a dog because his guardian was going through a “dark night of the soul” and she wanted to make sure the dog was okay while she was getting through such a challenging time.

I like to check in a few days after treatments and I have received some great feedback about how the animal is doing. Some animals have been drinking noticeably more water. Some return to eating their food normally when their enthusiasm for food has been a little off. Some seem more energetic as indicative of “jumping up on the couch” when they haven’t done that in weeks.marshall 2

A couple of years ago, I worked with a dog who was vomiting a couple of times per week. After only one session, the dog was able to resolve these internal digestive issues and she did not throw up again.

Most times, people report that their animals are more expressive and/or loving toward them or toward other pets in the home for several days after a Reiki treatment. Animals have sweet ways of showing gratitude in lieu of verbal language.

There seems to be some trust-building with the guardian that takes place when the pet gets Reiki even when the animal’s person is not the one giving the treatment. I encourage pet owners to be nearby while their dog or cat is receiving a treatment. This helps assure the pet of safety since animals can look to their guardians to see they are being lovingly supervised. The bioenergetic field extends beyond the animal in treatment so they are both enveloped in the energy and that space of the home may also be affected by Reiki.

Effects of Reiki are diverse but one thing is usually the same:  an observable sense of calm or ease.

Reiki supports the evidence-based notion that our bodies heal best when relaxed. That’s one reason rest is key to feeling better when we are ill. Just as with humans, Reiki helps animals access and encourage their own sense of calm and healing abilities.

I give my own dog, Prior, lots of Reiki treatments. He has taught me the most about Animal Reiki.

In working with him, not only does he seem to be more at ease in a general sense, but his behavior has changed. Moreover, our relationship and our non-verbal communication has improved and I really think it was already pretty great!

I think we’ve both earned more trust from the other. And to be honest, I can hardly even say the “R” word around him without him perking up his ears and going into a long “sploot” stretch (as pictured below), assuming it’s time for his session.sploot

Here are some examples. Of course, they are from my human-minded perspective and- I admit- cannot totally be backed up by scientific evidence. However, just as I ask of my clients, I try to be curious for several days after Prior has a treatment. He’s a lucky boy because he gets Reiki frequently and therefore, I get to take note of long-term effects.

The first thing I noticed was how he seemed calmer when I am leaving the house. I have a camera in my living room so I can check on him when I’m gone for longer periods of time. He is mostly restful, still looking out the window when there are sounds or passers-by, but he does not appear to be in distress, like he has been in the past.

He used to stonewall me when he could tell I was preparing to leave the house. He would refuse to come indoors, aware that I would not drive away without him safely inside. If I went out to try to physically bring him in, he would run and make a game of chase out of it. These days, when I ask him to “come,” he runs right in.

I believe these effects are from working with his root chakra. This area is still activated and working things out when he has a treatment but it settles much sooner than before. Since the root chakra is associated with safety and feeling secure in one’s environment, I believe his body has integrated a lot of healing there.

Another example of what I’ve seen in him is with his barking. He’s a dog and he is a dog who barks. He hasn’t all out stopped barking, nor would I want him to because it is his natural response to threat.

These days, he seems calmer and more aware with his barking. There are still times he barks, like when someone is walking their dog down our street or the post-person is delivering something to the door. But unlike before, when the neighborhood dogs start barking, he often stands up on his hind legs to look outside but once he ganders around, he makes a different choice. I always call that a mindfulness moment because- in my view- he’s looking at the evidence and realizing he doesn’t need to react. This could also be an effect of working with his root chakra, as Reiki with the root chakra encourages an inner sense of calm.

Before he paid attention to my direction, I interpreted that it might feel to him like he was losing something of himself. If he doesn’t do the thing, he keeps his power. His will might not have allowed him to “obey” me. Now, he seems to have aligned his will with the greater good. And that makes me happy as his person because my responsibility to keep him safe is a difficult task when he doesn’t respond to my command.

He follows my prompts at home, too, which was not always the case. He has become a calmer and better behaved dog and Reiki has been the primary variable of these changes. He now even chooses a long-distance whiff over stealing food off my plate when I’m not looking!

Reiki is a wonderful modality for healing, calming and deepening our bonds with animals. Keep this in mind in the future for your pet or your friends’ pets. Most animals love the soothing effects of Reiki and I’ve found it a gentle, subtle yet powerful tool for assisting our beloved friends to help themselves heal. Reiki works for the guardian, too, and in support of their relationship together. It can help enhance our animal companion’s lives, their quality of life and the quality of our relationship with them.

Have questions? Call or email me at 828-484-2415 or

or visit for more info.

Article submitted by Marshall Hammer, Reiki Master, for the Angel Pets Expo 2020 blog. Reiki for Today will be at Angel Pets Expo 2020. Reiki Master, Marshall Hammer, will be offering mini Reiki sessions for pets or people to sample try out!

“Marshall is excited to offer 10 minute mini Reiki treatments for pets (or people) for $15 at the Angel Pets Vendor Expo, for those wanting to give Reiki a try! Sign up sheet at table.

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Phoenix Landing Foundation: How Parrots are helped


Did you know that many parrots can live for decades? Even small birds, like cockatiels or conures, might live 30 years. Larger birds, like macaws, might live 80 or more. Because of their longevity, parrots often need a succession of good homes. That is why Phoenix Landing Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the welfare of parrots, exists. After Ann Brooks, one of its founders, brought home a young green-wing macaw, she realized the bird, Phoenix, would likely outlive her. She co-founded an organization to help birds and and their people ensure birds would have a succession of prepared, knowledgeable, good homes. As of March 1, 2020, Phoenix Landing has helped 2,995 parrots since its founding in 2000.

Adopting a bird

The Phoenix Landing adoption center in Alexander, NC, houses up to 40 adoptable birds at any given time. Many more, however, are in foster homes across the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. There are always over 100 adoptable birds in Phoenix Landing’s care. Many come from loving homes, and find themselves needing new homes through no fault of their own. As such, Phoenix Landing hopes adoption will be considered first. In 2019, Phoenix Landing adopted out 104 birds. The adoption process includes an application, attendance at a free class, and a home visit. For the majority of adoptable birds, a home that wishes to adopt a bird first fosters the bird for two months before finalizing an adoption. This ensures the home and bird are a good fit for one another. If it is a good fit, then the adoption contract is signed, and adoption fee is paid, after the foster period is completed.


Learning about birds

Living with parrots is rewarding, but does come with own challenges. The birds in our homes are, at most, only a few generations removed from the wild. While they may be tame, they aren’t domesticated in the way dogs and cats are domesticated. Parrots are smart, curious, social, beautiful, and entertaining. They can also be loud and messy.

Their body language is subtle, and as prey animals, they hide signs of illness. All of these things prove to be a challenge for some living with them. Providing educational seminars and resources for those wishing to better understand and care for parrots is a core part of Phoenix Landing’s mission. Monthly classes and special workshops are provided at Phoenix Landing’s facility in Alexander, as well as in various locations across the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Everyone is welcome, whether you have a parrot, or are just curious about them! The adoption center is also open immediately after the monthly classes for those interested in seeing the birds.

Phoenix Landing also hosts a biennial, international conference about parrots at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. It is called the Phoenix Landing Wellness Retreat, and the next one is May 16-17, 2020. It’s a great opportunity to learn about birds from leading veterinarians, behaviorists, and more.

Helping wild parrots


Many wild parrots are endangered or facing extinction. Habitat loss and the smuggling of parrots for the international pet trade are two of the top reasons for this. Because of this, Phoenix Landing also coordinates eco tours to provide an opportunity for people to see and learn about parrot behavior in the wild, and also support the local non-profits and organizations where parrots are found that are working to protect them. It is one way to try to counteract poaching and habitat destruction, by supporting the protection of these unique natural resources and species. The individuals who go on the Phoenix Landing trips also gain a better understanding of the parrot behavior they might see in their homes, and come away with ideas for how we can provide more enrichment for those in their care.

For more information about adoptable birds, adopting through Phoenix Landing, upcoming events, registering for Phoenix Landing’s conference, joining eco tours, volunteering, and other ways to help, visit Phoenix Landing website at

Article submitted by Nicole Renee Quagliata of Phoenix Landing for the Angel Pets Expo 2020 website.


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The Missing Element in Healing from Pet Loss

How many of us feel empty and at a loss after we lose a beloved pet? It can be devastating and there can even be a void that remains for years and years. I see it every day and have experienced it deeply myself. 

The simple fact is that pets have entered our lives. They are our companions, our friends and our family. However, society has not yet caught up with knowing how to manage this and deal with their loss or how to honor and show reverence for their gifts and all they gave us during their life.

Angel Pets Cat2What happens pet dies, is that we have to integrate their loss in to our lives. During this time, we go through an ‘Evaluation’ stage. Sometimes after a pet death, we realize we were given much more than we ever realized. We want to say thank you and give back to one who has given us so much. We know this inherently, even if not consciously, as it just plain feels good to say thank you and return the love.

In healing from pet loss, the ‘something missing’ is often a way to express honor, thanks and reverence for this beloved one and the value they had in our lives. This is true with any loss, and especially true with pet loss as we have very little in our society to help us with this.  Not knowing what else to do, we can remain stuck. We don’t know what to do or how to give back since the loved one is no longer here with us in the physical, and we can no longer interact with them the way we used to.

There are, however, still ways we can express thanks and give back.

What we can do is something to honor them, their soul and the value they brought to our lives. Give some time to think about what this would be for you and your beloved pet.

Choose something of meaning that links the two of you and dedicate it to them, in their honor. This could be volunteering, starting a new career, quitting smoking, exercising, eating better, praying more, writing a book or anything else you wish to do which feels right to honor your pet and help you during this time. One of the simplest, but most profound activities, would be to hold a ceremony or memorial service event just to honor your beloved. Why is this?

Honoring is an important element in healing because recognizing value helps us ‘own’ what is important to us. Coming to understand this deeply, is sole reason I offer many different types of service around this. I hold a Monthly Pet Honoring & Memorial Service (free), orchestrate private pet memorials, as well as dedicated grief healing sessions, for when more is needed.

Exercise to try: Take a few minutes to think about one you dearly love, a beloved pet, who has passed. ‘When’ the death occurred does not matter.   Choose someone you miss having in your life. Bring this loved one into your awareness. Now, pause for a moment and think about dedicating a time just to honor them…a time to recognize and appreciate their divine qualities and all that they meant to you. A time to, in a meaningful and special way, say thank you…thank you to this one you love so much.

Notice how you feel, notice how it makes you smile and the joy it brings. Notice how happy it makes you feel. Notice how meaningful it feels.

Think about how good that would feel to send a gift to them of honoring the value they held (and still hold) in your life.

Because the gift and the giver are connected, this connection with them increases in your awareness and being. It becomes easier and lighter for you to make this connection with them in your heart.Pet Honoring dog sunset

Expressing honor and appreciation can also help us move away from feeling sad and empty about the relationship. It can connect us back to the love and wonderful qualities of the relationship and can provide an anchor (in time and experience) for reconnecting. This anchor is in our heart and our memory. It is a life experience we can have, hold dear to our hearts and have with us to refer to for always.

Showing gratitude is a great heart opener. And with an open heart, we can be in a place which is beyond time and space. With an open heart, we can connect in eternal time, experience love and healing. Honoring is a special way to share love and gratitude which will forever exist in time.

Check out to learn more about the free Monthly Pet Honoring & Memorial services, private pet memorial services and grief healing energy sessions. Let me help you honor your pet, heal and restore love.

in kindred spirit,

L. Leigh Love



Pet Honoring Mash kissesL. Leigh Love is an Animal Intuitive, Certified Intuitive Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Distance Healing Specialist. and has also completed the  Mind-Body Medicine professional training program through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School.  She is also a certified Physician Assistant. As well, she draws on 20 years of training in Psychology, Spiritual Studies and the Intuitive and Healing Arts. She has a passion for honoring our pets and our relationship with them.



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To read more about the services for people visit:

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The Joys of Pet Therapy…and the Story of Shiloh

pet therapy

Ever wonder about becoming involved with pet therapy? What is it like? How can it make a difference? Would my dog be good at it?

Therapy dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds, including both purebreds and mixed breeds. If your canine is well-mannered, well-behaved, and enjoys meeting people; volunteer pet therapy is a wonderful way to share your dog with others, bring joy, and make a difference in your community.

Pet therapy visits always brings a smile. And sometimes, they even inspire miracles. Like the time Shiloh, a loveable Australian Labradoodle and Canine Therapy Partners member (picture below), inspired a nursing home patient, who hadn’t spoken in days, to suddenly start speaking. Before meeting Shiloh, she looked blank and lifeless, but as
soon as she saw Shiloh her face lit up, and she immediately began speaking! So much
that the facility director started taking video to share with the woman’s children,
knowing how delighted they would be. Shiloh, and her handler, got to experience the
pure joy of bringing love, and transforming a tough situation into a good one.Shiloh

Therapy dogs share smiles and joy with everyone they visit. Whether they’re providing furry love to stressed-out college students, being attentive listeners for young readers at the library, comforting hospital patients, bringing a smile to the faces of nursing home residents, or brightening the day of weary travelers at the airport, therapy dogs make a world of difference just by being there.

Pet therapy volunteers will tell you that doing pet therapy is some of the most rewarding work they’ve ever done. They meet interesting people, and get to watch their pets make a huge difference in the lives of others. This is what this is all about, bringing more comfort, joy and happiness to those around us in need.

Canine Therapy Partners-WNC is a member of Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD), a national organization that provides testing, certification, registration, support, and insurance for its members. Canine Therapy Partners members visit a wide variety of facilities
throughout Western North Carolina, including nursing homes, rehab and adult
care facilities, hospitals, schools, libraries, and the airport.

If you’d like to find out more about visiting opportunities, partner with other therapy dog teams, and participate in dog-related community events, we invite you to join us. If your dog is not yet ATD certified, we offer testing and would be happy to help you get started.

Be sure to stop by and see us at the Angel Pets Expo 2020 (May 2nd, 2020 at WNC AG Center), where you can meet our members and their certified therapy dogs, learn more about pet therapy, get your questions answered, and join us in making a difference in the
community with your dog.

Article submitted by Debbie LaChusa, a certified dog therapy volunteer of Canine Therapy Partners-WNC is a member of Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) for the Angel Pets Expo 2020 blog. Contact the group at or visit for more info.

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Rock Solid Remembrances

Losing a pet is one of the most difficult times we may go through. Healing after pet loss is difficult. It is a long and tough process. One thing which can help tremendously, is having a way to have a long and lasting remembrance of your pet. A great way to do this is to have a hand etched photo of your beloved pet in stone. This stone can be placed anywhere, indoors or out, to be a standing solid tribute and remembrance of your fur-baby.

At Tricord Venture LLC we sand carve pet memorials.  Using a sandblasting cabinet, we take a variety of rock including river rock, flagstone and pavers which we can etch a picture of your beloved pet onto that stone from a photo that you send to us by email or text.  We also can add any sentiment to that etched photo so you achieve that special memorial that you desire.   Some people add special quotes they used to call their fur-baby or just expressions of their hearts to further personalize and deepen the message.

Tricord Ventures

What better way to honor our pets that have meant so much to us and filled our lives with unconditional love. Life is about memories. Let us create a memory for you on stone so each time you look at it the stone brings a smile to your face as well as your

heart. The etched stone is sealed so it may be placed outside in the garden with no worry about fading or sun damage.  However, a lot of people place the memorial stones inside so it is seen daily.  Either way, the stones last forever and give you that continued connection to your beloved pet for forever as well.

Our mission is to help create lasting, loving tributes to honor the best love out there!

We etch love into every one!

Check out what our clients are saying:

“Tricord Venture made memorial rocks for 3 pets we have lost.  Each rock is wonderfully crafted with an image of each face that brought us so much joy and love.  These rocks a fitting remembrance of our furry kids that we have loved and continue to fondly remember each time we gaze on their beautiful rocks. Thank you for the attention to detail and the love you put into making these remembrances for us.  We feel love every time we look at them.”

Let us make that special, tribute memory for you to honor and remember your beloved pet that will last a lifetime and give you that continued connection because we never forget them. They always hold a special place in our hearts.  Please check out our gallery at to see more of our work.


Article submitted by Gayle Siggs at Tricord Venture for the Angel Pets Expo 2020 blog. Contact Tricord Venture with questions.

Tricord Venture

Flat Rock, North Carolina


Check out our full Gallery



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Faulty Leashes can Catch us by Surprise

Ever worry about your dog’s leash becoming undone? Has it ever happened to you? It happened to us. It’s a dangerous and scary situation. Here is our story and why we created the safest latch out there!


We never knew that traditional dog leashes could open on their own. We always thought our dogs were safe on a leash. Not always so… while out on a walk one day, in an instant, our dog became unhooked and he was loose. It was a scary and trying time.

We didn’t want this to ever happen again. We searched and tried so many different leashes, all without secure results. We began to learn more and more what a problem this was for many, many others. 

We knew there had to be a better way. So, we looked into why this was happening and set out to improve it.

You see, the old design of latches allows for the D-ring (clasp) to open, if positioned at just the right angle.  The bolt on the clasp is often only loosely and just touching the other end and not securely fastened. So, we set out to dramatically improve the security of latches and decrease accidentally unleashed pets. Our mission: to keep pets safe, decrease stress and save lives! It wouldn’t be an easy task to design and engineer a new innovative leash for improved pet safety, but it would be certainly well worth it, if the outcome could save pet’s lives. We knew we had to try. 

After years of hard work and persistence, we did it! And now, there is a safer, more secure option for dogs with our trustworthy SafeLatch clip that makes a dramatically more secure latch. Here is how it works.

Nifti’s the only leash that has a patented SafeLatch. Uniquely, with SafeLatch, the bolt goes all the way up into a fitted hole and is secured within the hook. With the old designs, the bolt snap just touch the tip of the hook and can wiggle loose or even break and in just the right position can open or break. Not with Nifti SafeLatch! The bolt is in a holder, nice and snug. We didn’t stop there, though…we even improved on this by adding a magnet.

Nifti SafeLatch Keep Your Pet Safe


Nifti’s the only leash with a high-powered magnet built-in the hook that keeps the steel D-ring inside the latch for safety. The magnet will also lift and instantly connect to the steel D-ring on your dog’s collar or harness, it makes hooking up easier and safer. And, you’ll know your dog is securely hooked because you’ll hear a click when you connect the leash.

Not only is Nifti SafeLatch easy to use, it’s the safest leash out there! Check us out! We love our pets! We love our mission in helping keep them safe.  Nifti SafeLatch may just save your pet’s life and you’ll feel more at ease knowing your dog is safer. Makes a great gift, too! We’d love to hear your story. Connect with us on facebook!

Nifti SafeLatch Dog Leash is available in five colors at and in Medium/Large size.

Nifti SafeLatch Pet Safety Leash

Article submitted by Connie De Bien of Nifti SafeLatch for the Angel Pets Expo 2020 blog posts.

​ Info@ Nifti 





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Animal Communication can Help Healing

 Animal Communication can Help Healing

One of the most common reasons clients contact an animal communicator is when their pet is aging or struggling with a health issue.

Communication with your animal when they are recovering from surgery, are ill can help with the difficult and often agonizing decisions that may need to be made. It can bring peace and comfort to both you and your animal friend. Animals are often very clear about what their wishes and needs are. They can let you know if certain treatments or medications seem to be helping and how they feel about their condition. They can let you know what you may do to help and support them. Domesticated 0761

I once worked with a dog who was recovering from surgery. The owner was concerned because she couldn’t get him to rest so he could heal properly. Their vet had given them pain meds and anti-anxiety medication to help him be relaxed and rest, but he still seemed very agitated and uncomfortable.  He was having trouble sleeping as well. When I connected with him he let me know that something he was given made him feel extremely anxious and restless.

When I connect with an animal, I receive the information through pictures and sensations. I often feel what they feel. I felt his restless energy. It reminded me of it how it feels when I have too much caffeine! My body felt very restless, anxious and uncomfortable. My client then contacted her vet and discovered that, although uncommon, the anti-anxiety med can sometimes have the opposite effect. Once they discontinued that medication, he was much more calm and restful and able to heal.


Rose ProudRose Proud is a professional and Certified Animal Communicator. She has had a deep connection with animals since she was a child. For the past 19 years, she has been working with animals and their people to help facilitate a deeper bond. Rose helps to open the line of communication between you and your animal companion with love, mutual respect and understanding. She can communicate with any animals and animals in spirit.


Rose Proud will be a vendor at the Angel Pets Expo 2020 May 2nd at the AG Center.

Offering in person mini-sessions (20 min) for $25 from 1-4 during the Angel Pets Vendor Expo 

Contact or email Rose to pre-schedule a 20 minute consult day of expo. Sign up sheet will also be available day of Angel Pets Expo.
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Angel Pets Conference 2019 Review


Angel Pets 2019 copy

Angel Pets Conference 2019 – Asheville, Saturday, June 8th at the Renaissance Hotel, 8-5p.m

This pioneering, unique, and much-needed conference covered many topics on senior pet care needs, end-of-life care, caregiver support and grief healing.

The conference highlights important medical topics for senior animal needs and resources, assessing animal quality-of-life, explaining animal hospice and palliative care, and covering the medical, practical, emotional considerations for pets at the end-of-life transition. Special focus on grief healing from pet loss for ourselves and family, which is often complex and under-addressed in our society. Some presentations offer professional RACE CE credit.

“We all want to loving care for our pets during this time, but don’t always know how.” Understanding more about these areas will help us become better equipped to handle this critical time for our pets and ourselves. Being aware of the resources available can be tremendously helpful and healing.

“I took lots of notes. I can’t wait to share what I have learned!” 

“Amazing. Amazing. Excellent!”


“I was not expecting to be blown away. I am. It all ROCKED.”

Read the Angel Pets Opening here. (Angel Pets Opening: Eye-rolling, Yoga and Love)


Tribute video played at end for attendees’ pets.

The goal is to help us become more knowledgeable and comfortable in caring for our pets (and ourselves) during this difficult, but inevitable time in our pets’ lives.
Speakers include expert local area veterinarians:

Coleen Ellis, CT, CPLP , internationally recognized pet loss specialist (TwoHeartsPetLossCenter)

Dr. Kasandra Garner, DVM (Animal Hospital of North Asheville)

Dr. Beth Marchitelli DVM (4PawsFarwell)

Dr. Angel Mitchell, DVM, Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital (not pictured below)

Angel Pets Conference 2019 Speakers and Leigh 2

Dr. Kasandra Garner – AHNA 

Dr Garner Angel Pets Conference 2019


Dr. Garner Angel Pets Conference 2019

Dr. Angel Mitchell – Bonnie Brae Vet

Dr Mitchell Angel Pets Conference 2019

Dr. Beth Marchitelli- 4PawsFarwell

Dr. Beth Marchitelli Angel Pets Conference 2019

Dr Beth Marchitelli Angel Pets Conference 2019

Coleen Ellis – Two Hearts Pet Loss Center

Coleen Ellis Angel Pets Conference 2019 5

Coleen Ellis Angel Pets Conference 2019 41


Coleen Ellis Angel Pets Conference 2019

Coleen Ellis Angel Pets Conference 2019 4



Coleen and Leigh Angel Pets Conference 2019

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