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Copper Witch Designs™ specializes in creating hand made, one-of-a-kind copper jewelry pieces. Custom Pet Portraits in Copper, Hand Crafted from Your Pet’s PhotoCopper Witch Angel Pets Expo Logo


Custom Pet Portraits in Copper of your favorite pet. I handcraft each of these portraits from a photo of your pet, provided by you. Each portrait is hand cut and then sculpted in copper to create a 3 dimensional relief sculpture of your pet.  See full description on website.

Personalized Pet Memorial for Multiple Pets, Choice of Charms and Sentiment. My personalized memorials are a perfect way to honor and remember your beloved pet. Having had many animal companions over the course of my life, and having been involved in animal welfare issues for more than 3 decades, I know that dealing with the loss of a pets is extremely difficult.

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Anna Leckie Art leckie art1

I am an Artist in Athens, Georgia. I have been lucky enough to find a way to be of service through my art. I do freelance art for others. Anna Leckie art 2
This allows me to create incredibly meaningful gifts for their loved ones: something to commemorate an anniversary, birthday, marriage, or the passing of a loved one. It allows me to honor their pets, a prized memory in their lives, or create something for a marriage proposal, a prop for a theatrical performance, even drum head for a band. Please contact me if you would like to book a work of art with me or if you have any other questions about my art. My art book: Irony of the Unfortunates, is for sale on for purchase.

Anna Leckie BookA collection of thoughts, images, and the comings and goings of living documented by a young artist living in Athens, Georgia. Anna Leckie shares her personal journals and the story of the world she lives in as she show cases personal artwork and photography. This book is intended to be a personal glimpse inside of human life. The content is meant to reflect a different way of communicating the act of living itself.

Elizabeth McAfee Studio

Elizabthe McAfee

Elizabeth McAfee has been drawing and painting all her life. Animals have always been a favorite subject of hers. Books and ideas have also been important influences on the artist, who received both her BA and MA in literature. Another major influence on her work was Sandy, the beautiful yellow tabby featured in so many of her paintings, who lived with the McAfees for 18 1/2 years until he passed on in July of 2003.

She is represented in Asheville by Kress Emporium. In addition, her work can be seen at many southeastern art and craft shows where it has delighted thousands of collectors from all over the world.

Our young yellow tabby Sunny Bono has now taken on the role of Inspiration for Cat Paintings, and Cookie the Chinese Crested Powderpuff is speaking up for dogs. My Rainbow Bridge paintings feature cats and dogs.

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