Angel Pets Story


The Angel Pets events started as desire to bring more awareness and education to pet parents. It was the initial concept of L. Leigh Love, who wanted to give space to increasing awareness and education regarding better care of our pets, and ourselves as pet parents. She funded and organized the first Angel Pets Conference in 2014 which focused on pet end-of-life decision making, pet care and caregiver/grief support. This is a much needed and overlooked time in pet care.  So often we struggle with how to best manage this time in our pets lives, for them and for ourselves. There was a small vendor expo for promoting services and products.

I was chatting with someone who attended the first Angel Pets Conference. She had called me to let me know how excited she was that there was another one and she was telling all of her friends about it. She then whispered to me…”Well, you know everyone rolls their eyes at the name “Angel Pets”, don’t you? I said…..well…..’yeah’…even though I did not know that, nor had it ever occurred to me. But, I laughed and thought ‘Ok’.

Which led me to think maybe I needed to explain why the name, Angel Pets. This is simply because I do believe they are angels. Our pets are angels. They are loving and kind and caring and give us so much. The help us learn lessons, share life and watch over our souls. And sometimes, their love is the only love we feel. There is no better description than ‘Angel.’

Then I thought, it’s ok if they roll their eyes. They just don’t get it…and that’s ok. They don’t have to. And I’m even more ok with it because I know something they don’t. I know what a wonderful, deep, loving, enriching relationship it is. Pets are angels. Pets ARE family.

The second Angel Pets Conference expanded to include senior pet care needs. There was also a much expanded Angel Pets Expo to help bring people together with resources for supporting and honoring our pets, and ourselves as pet parents.

The event exploded into a magical and wonderful networking and sharing. The community grew and blossomed into wanting more! More connection with other loving pet parents, more education and knowledge of resources, and more love and joy. And is now a large and growing group of heart-felt, talented and wonderful pet professionals!

My view point is that EVERY loving pet parent out there is making a difference! Every single one! I want to continue to grow and support this community. Support pet parents, support ourselves, our pets and support each other! Yes!

in loving support of you and your pet!

L. Leigh Love

Are you and Angel Pets Person? Do you love your pet as family? Join us in supporting this Angel Pets Movement! Oh yes we can!

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Want to help support Angel Pets effort in bringing people and resources together to better help our pets and ourselves?

Here are some great ideas and ways to help!

  • Post flyer on your Social Media page

  • Volunteer at the Angel Pets Expo!!! (Shifts are 8-12p, 10-2pm and 12-4pm)

  • Post a few flyers in your neighborhood. Will send them to you. Great for community boards in coffee houses, pubs, churches, etc.

  • Contribute a donation through buying extra Expo tickets

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