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10:00-10:30        Wildlife & Us: Tips, Insights & Learning

10:30-11:00        Vendor Meet & Greet 10 mins with each Vendor

    Pumpkin Dog-Lisa Gantt (10:30)

                  PawTree with Betty Ann Vaughn (10:40)

                                      Moonlight Animal Healer – Katie Horowitz (10:50)

11:00-11:30        The Cheerful Word- Tails of the Heart pet memoirs –Sam Uhl

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Contributions go towards supporting Angel Pets Expo efforts to increasing the quality of life of our pets, and ourselves as pet parents. Pets are angels. Pets are family.


Appalachian Wildlife Rescue 

Wildlife & Us: Tips, Insights & Learning!

Learn simple practices and tips for everyday living to better co-exist with wonderful wild creatures (yes, birds, opossums and Bears…oh my)! Being aware of the lives and habits of the wild animals around us, helps us appreciate them and the importance of reducing our human impact in an effort to protect ourselves and these wildly beautiful lives.   Come join us for this ‘wildly’ fun presentation!


Appalachian Wild is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to coordinate the needs of wildlife rehabilitation in Western North Carolina by providing care for injured and orphaned wildlife, support for the wildlife rehabilitation network, and conservation education to the community.
Determine if the animal truly needs human intervention or if its wild mother has it tucked away for safekeeping while she is out foraging.  Click the “Found an Animal” tab at for educational flowcharts on birds, mammals, and reptiles to learn what action needs to be taken to best serve the animal.
The number of injured and orphaned wildlife is increasing significantly each year due to increased human/animal interactions, including lot clearing, traffic collisions, food/plastics litter, etc.  It is projected that more than 2,000 animals will be cared for at our wildlife care facility in 2020. Please help us provide care for them by donating today at
Appalachian Wildlife Refuge photo

Pumpkin Dog NC

53799306_647268252383007_6798811913921757184_oPumpkin Dog will be announcing a 20% discount code good through May 31, 2020, during their presentation. Watch to get discount code!

Pumpkin Dog celebrates the special bond between people and their pups. Our products remind us that life is better with dogs, and offer playful ways to show others what an awesome, dog-filled life looks like.

While dogs are our jam, we love the kitties too and carry a selection of feline-friend favorites as well.  Pumpkin Dog is a Dog is Good authorized retailer.

pumpkin dog pic


BettyAnn with PawTree

pawtreelogoPawTree with BettyAnn will reveal a 20% off coupon code off your first order with pawTree during her presentation good for the month of May 2020. Watch to get code!


“ All-natural and holistic customized pet nutrition including clean food, tasty treats and incredible supplements for many common pet concerns.”
please & thank you!!!

Super food seasonings.bettyann pawtree 2 You don’t like to eat the same thing every day, and neither do your pets! Changing your pets food every day can cause upset stomach… until now.

Superfood Seasoning

A fresh taste sensation at every meal!


Moonlight Animal Healer

Moonlight Animal Healer – Energy and wellness healing for animals

originalKatie Horowitz , Moonlight Animal Healer, will be revealing a 20% off Promo Codewhich can be used for services during the month of May 2020, during your presentation. Watch to get code. 

Katie Horowitz will be revealing a Promo Code which can be used for 20% services during the month of May 2020, during your presentation.


I  love  ​ animals, Big , small ,any kind – dogs, cats, birds , farm animals and wild animals. As far as  I  remember I was surrounded  by animals ! I  always admired their kindness, loveliness , calmness  and  trustfulness. Over  the  years  I  noticed   how  my  energy  effects  animals  around  me . ​​​They   always  became  more calm,  and  I  noticed   their  health  problems  decreased. 

In my practice    I combine   energy  healing  with   proper  diet   supported  by  herbal  supplements  made by me  .

My work is very  intuitive  and designed for  specific  health  issues  that your loving  companions are  experiencing. Herbal supplement will support transition to health.I make them for specific health problems using fresh herbs or ayurvedic spices.

Energy Healing is ideal for your pet because it is very gentle, soothing, and noninvasive. Animals respond intuitively to energy healing. It creates a space where animals can heal themselves emotionally, behaviorally, physically and energetically. Animals will always take what they need the most when the healing energy is offered.

Healthy Diet-Diet  is a major pillar in pet overall health.
I will recommend  the  most   appropriate diet for  your animal .
The  diet that designed to mimic an animal’s  natural ancestral menu.
I will show  you how to do it , what exactly  feed  them
how to prepare , where  to shop.



The Cheerful Word- Tails of the Heart pet memoirs –Sam Uhl

TailsCheerful Word will reveal 15% promo code during their presentation, good for any Tails of the Heart pet memoir service good for May and June. Watch to get code.


Learn how to capture and preserve the stories behind the deep connection we have with our animals. They are our great secret keepers, attentive companions and our playful friends. Discover how to write short stories to honor and inspire and commemorate our lives with our pets.

The Cheerful Word

Cheerful word

Write your story. Tell your story. Publish your story….pets included!


Learn to write your memoir guided by an expert book coach or during an immersive writing retreat. Ghostwriting. Your life story told by you, written by us, in your voice. Submit your manuscript for print or publication through The Cheerful Word imprint.

cheerful word SamI’m Sam, a  writer, author, and personal cheerleader to help you write your memoir. I’m passionate about helping you write your life story, and if you want to publish it, then guess what? You can stay right here in the warm embrace of the team here at The Cheerful Word—we’ve got your back from start to finish.

Whether you have an idea for a memoir or a completed manuscript in hand, we will guide you from the first phone call to hitting the publish button and beyond.

The Cheerful Word, Sam Uhl, writer, speaker, publisher



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