Chiropractic Therapy Explained

Chiropractic is the science, philosophy, and art of correcting subluxations within the body.

Subluxations can be described as minor joint dysfunctions that can directly or indirectly put pressure on the nervous system. This means that subluxations involve a musculoskeletal component and a nervous system component. Correcting subluxations allows muscles and bones to re-balance for proper function and reduces pressure on the nervous system, allowing for optimum flow of nerve signals.subluxation

Subluxations can be caused by several different stressors. The most obvious stressor is trauma, which can be in the form of slips, falls, blows, poor posture, even the birthing process. Another stressor can be toxins such as poor nutrition or other environmental factors that dampen the body’s ability to clear out waste products and produce healthy cells. Stressful thoughts can also be a stimulus for subluxations. Anxiety can trigger the brain to produce a physical response such as muscle tension.

Subluxations can exhibit signs and symptoms of

    • Local pain in joints, muscles, and discs,
    • Decrease or create inequalities in range of motion,
    • Impair gait and posture,
    • Cause nerve irritation, or
    • Even behavioral changes.

Working with your veterinarian and certified animal chiropractor together can ensure a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment for your individual case.

If chiropractic is deemed appropriate then your certified animal chiropractor will also ask about

    • Case history, analyses posture and gait,
    • Evaluate range of motion,
    • Perform orthopedic and neurologic tests,
    • Analyze each spinal segment individually, and adjust where necessary. A segmental adjustment utilizes a high velocity, low amplitude thrust, meaning a short and quick movement.

Wellness patients can be easily maintained with several visits a year. More serious cases may require more frequent chiropractic checks and working with your veterinarian to stabilize all aspects of your animal’s needs.

Chiropractic care is a wonderful addition to your pet’s wellness routine to keep them comfortable and moving to their fullest potential.

Article submitted by Dr. Holly Baughcome, Mobile animal and family chiropractic in the foothills of NC and SC. Horse/equine dog cat chiropractor

Dr. Baughcome holds a Bachelors of Science in Equine Studies, Doctorate of Chiropractic, and is a Certified Animal Chiropractor.

Dr. Holly Baughcome offers mobile visits if you and your veterinarian are interested in trying chiropractic for your pet.

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Locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxation in pets.

“Dr. Holly is both gentle and effective! My highly sensitive dressage horse gets nervous about being worked on and Holly is so patient and kind with him. He always feels immediately better and he happily goes back to work. I have also had adjustments from Holly myself and can attest to how gentle she is while making adjustments.”

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“Without a doubt, one of the best animal chiropractors out there! She has adjusted one of our rescue horses on multiple occasions, as well as 2 of our immobile foster cats, and all have had amazing recoveries and improvements! We always look forward to visits from Dr. Holly, and highly recommend her!”