Rock Solid Remembrances

Losing a pet is one of the most difficult times we may go through. Healing after pet loss is difficult. It is a long and tough process. One thing which can help tremendously, is having a way to have a long and lasting remembrance of your pet. A great way to do this is to have a hand etched photo of your beloved pet in stone. This stone can be placed anywhere, indoors or out, to be a standing solid tribute and remembrance of your fur-baby.

At Tricord Venture LLC we sand carve pet memorials.  Using a sandblasting cabinet, we take a variety of rock including river rock, flagstone and pavers which we can etch a picture of your beloved pet onto that stone from a photo that you send to us by email or text.  We also can add any sentiment to that etched photo so you achieve that special memorial that you desire.   Some people add special quotes they used to call their fur-baby or just expressions of their hearts to further personalize and deepen the message.

Tricord Ventures

What better way to honor our pets that have meant so much to us and filled our lives with unconditional love. Life is about memories. Let us create a memory for you on stone so each time you look at it the stone brings a smile to your face as well as your

heart. The etched stone is sealed so it may be placed outside in the garden with no worry about fading or sun damage.  However, a lot of people place the memorial stones inside so it is seen daily.  Either way, the stones last forever and give you that continued connection to your beloved pet for forever as well.

Our mission is to help create lasting, loving tributes to honor the best love out there!

We etch love into every one!

Check out what our clients are saying:

“Tricord Venture made memorial rocks for 3 pets we have lost.  Each rock is wonderfully crafted with an image of each face that brought us so much joy and love.  These rocks a fitting remembrance of our furry kids that we have loved and continue to fondly remember each time we gaze on their beautiful rocks. Thank you for the attention to detail and the love you put into making these remembrances for us.  We feel love every time we look at them.”

Let us make that special, tribute memory for you to honor and remember your beloved pet that will last a lifetime and give you that continued connection because we never forget them. They always hold a special place in our hearts.  Please check out our gallery at to see more of our work.


Article submitted by Gayle Siggs at Tricord Venture for the Angel Pets Expo 2020 blog. Contact Tricord Venture with questions.

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