Angel Pets Conference 2019 Review


Angel Pets 2019 copy

Angel Pets Conference 2019 – Asheville, Saturday, June 8th at the Renaissance Hotel, 8-5p.m

This pioneering, unique, and much-needed conference covered many topics on senior pet care needs, end-of-life care, caregiver support and grief healing.

The conference highlights important medical topics for senior animal needs and resources, assessing animal quality-of-life, explaining animal hospice and palliative care, and covering the medical, practical, emotional considerations for pets at the end-of-life transition. Special focus on grief healing from pet loss for ourselves and family, which is often complex and under-addressed in our society. Some presentations offer professional RACE CE credit.

“We all want to loving care for our pets during this time, but don’t always know how.” Understanding more about these areas will help us become better equipped to handle this critical time for our pets and ourselves. Being aware of the resources available can be tremendously helpful and healing.

“I took lots of notes. I can’t wait to share what I have learned!” 

“Amazing. Amazing. Excellent!”


“I was not expecting to be blown away. I am. It all ROCKED.”

Read the Angel Pets Opening here. (Angel Pets Opening: Eye-rolling, Yoga and Love)


Tribute video played at end for attendees’ pets.

The goal is to help us become more knowledgeable and comfortable in caring for our pets (and ourselves) during this difficult, but inevitable time in our pets’ lives.
Speakers include expert local area veterinarians:

Coleen Ellis, CT, CPLP , internationally recognized pet loss specialist (TwoHeartsPetLossCenter)

Dr. Kasandra Garner, DVM (Animal Hospital of North Asheville)

Dr. Beth Marchitelli DVM (4PawsFarwell)

Dr. Angel Mitchell, DVM, Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital (not pictured below)

Angel Pets Conference 2019 Speakers and Leigh 2

Dr. Kasandra Garner – AHNA 

Dr Garner Angel Pets Conference 2019


Dr. Garner Angel Pets Conference 2019

Dr. Angel Mitchell – Bonnie Brae Vet

Dr Mitchell Angel Pets Conference 2019

Dr. Beth Marchitelli- 4PawsFarwell

Dr. Beth Marchitelli Angel Pets Conference 2019

Dr Beth Marchitelli Angel Pets Conference 2019

Coleen Ellis – Two Hearts Pet Loss Center

Coleen Ellis Angel Pets Conference 2019 5

Coleen Ellis Angel Pets Conference 2019 41


Coleen Ellis Angel Pets Conference 2019

Coleen Ellis Angel Pets Conference 2019 4



Coleen and Leigh Angel Pets Conference 2019

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3 thoughts on “Angel Pets Conference 2019 Review

  1. This conference was an absolute gift to me. Did not expect to receive so many ways to look at how much our pets give us. Love my Chazzyboy. ❤️ It was a privilege to share our time together. Thank you Leigh and all who led this incredible time.

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