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Angel Pets Blog article submitted by Patty Summers

Gandalf, the African Grey, keeps calling her name every morning. At first, hearing him calling her stung my heart and brought hot tears from my eyes.

He loved the mackerel tabby as much as we did.  I’d often pick up our lovely Jaylah and hold her up near Gandalf’s cage and he’d lean over and whisper something unintelligible to her (at least to my ear), but the intent of affection was quite clear.

Our animals are never old enough when they leave behind their physical bodies, but our Jaylah was only three years old when a terrible disease shut her body down.  The shock, the anger at myself for anything I could have done to catch it sooner or even prevent it ran rampant through my head.  “She was only three!”  I kept shouting angrily to the Universe.  Finally, I heard in mind, “Her body was only three years old, but the soul is so much older.”  It still hurts not having her here in physical, but somehow remembering that she is an old soul gave me some solace.

Like all of my animals she gave me so much, but perhaps the greatest of gifts right now is she left behind a deeper understanding of no need for forgiveness or what if’s.  So many times, when I do a consult with someone with the intent on helping them to make peace with their animal’s passing back into spirit, I am asked if their animal will forgive them.  Every single time I hear, “There is no need for forgiveness. There is absolutely nothing to forgive.”  Every time I hear that it takes my breath away, yet somehow, I forgot it for a brief time when Jaylah was so sick and I was pulling out the stops to try to save her body.

The treatment plan was rather extensive, but she handled it with her graceful power that she walked throughout her short lifetime.  Still I questioned if I should be putting her through it, yet logically my mind kept saying, “She is only three years old.  She can beat this.”

The day before she passed I could feel she had chosen to heal in the form of letting her worn out body go, but I didn’t want to acknowledge it.  I kept pushing that feeling away.  That feeling was her communicating what her decision was.  I wouldn’t listen.  Me the animal communicator wouldn’t listen and I kept trying to treat her body for the disease.

When she took her last breath, I was crushed and angry.  Mostly angry at myself.

Somewhere in my grief she found a way to wedge her message in.  I awoke one morning saying out loud, I forgive myself for following my heart and trying a medical treatment that was pretty heroic even though that is normally not my way. I forgive myself for those last two days that I heard you, but wouldn’t accept what you were telling me.  My actions then give me better understanding for others who have done the same. I now marvel in my appreciation of your understanding my pain and holding no judgement. You simply continued to do what you needed to do for your wholeness.

Lastly, I thank you for reminding me that l let you live a life rich and full, one where I allowed you to experience all the things you treasured.

I can slowly move forward meeting her where she is in her wholeness, brilliance, her glory as she shines on in my heart.  In this place, I can still feel her hopping up on my lap to join me for my morning coffee.  When I get out the treat jar, I can see her out of the corner of my eye, arriving before any of the other cats as she did in body.

I can almost feel her soft underbelly that she would always present to me in her wonderful greetings. I’ll always remember her beautiful rich eyes.

“Jayyyylahhhh, Jayyyylahhh.” he calls softly.  Yes I can feel her too bird.

One of the most difficult parts of our journeys with us and our beloved animals, is when they make their physical transition back into spirit. 

I wanted to create a means of support for other animal lovers to help them through this process.  For me, the wind is a carrier of energies and messages and songs a beautiful sacred story that touches the soul.

Thus, Windsongs of the Soul Animal Flags, came to be.

Pet Memorial Flags – Beautiful handmade flags to honor your animal and the love between you that never dies. The flags hold special spiritual symbols with the main flag, personalized with your beloved animal’s name, birth date and passing, being flanked by a paw and feather charm and the back of this flag offering a pocket for ashes, fur or some other special symbol.

Come by my booth at the Angel Pets Expo 2019 in Asheville, NC June 8th, 2019 to see these beautiful handmade flags in person that honor your animal and the love between you that never dies. 


Author of Talking With the Animals, Patty Summers, is an internationally known animal communicator and currently provides communication workshops as well as consultations for animals and their human companions to resolve conflicts or to aid in communication.

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